Asking For IT

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When discussing goals with clients, I often ask them what might get in their way or hinder them from achieving what they really want.  Lots of things come up but rarely do people admit to having difficulty in asking for help.  But it can be one of the main reasons why we fail to achieve our targets or reach our goals.  We know it makes sense to simply ask others who have what we need, who know what we don’t know etc.  But that simple act of ‘asking’ can be a huge hurdle for many of us, myself included.  So why is that?

One of the fundamental reasons is that we don’t want to admit that we are incapable, that in some way we are not ‘good enough’ to achieve things on our own.  Not being good enough is a huge negative belief that can hold us back in many areas of our lives. It shows up in lots of situations including not asking for the help we need to meet our needs.  Another big fear is that when we ask for help the answer will be NO!  Of course that’s always a risk but being prepared and being OK with hearing no, is an important part of asking for help.  People have the right to say no, so move on and ask someone else.

The ironic thing is that those of us who find it challenging to ask others for help are the very ones who go out of our way to offer help and support to everyone else!  Strange, isn’t it?  We can give, give, give..but oh no…we don’t need any help ourselves!  We’re perfectly able to manage on our own thank you very much.  But we’re NOT!  And the sooner we own up to needing help and start taking that brave step of ASKING FOR IT, the closer we will be to getting what we want in life.

Like all things, the more you practice, the better you get.  So start asking for the help you need today….whether it’s advice, an opinion, a pick- up from the school gates, a referral for your business..whatever, just start asking for help.  Life will be much easier!



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