Free To Choose

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There are some books that have a lasting and profound impact on the reader.  Dr Viktor Frankl’s ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ is one of those books for me.  Another book, which surprisingly escaped my radar until recently, is ‘The Choice‘ … Continued

Life: A Balancing Act

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I keep a list of people who inspire me.  One of the people on my list is Philippe Petit – the French high-wire artist.  I learned about Phillippe’s daring work after watching the 2015 movie The Walk, which tells the … Continued

Good Vibrations

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  So, how are you feeling today?  Pretty good?  Or maybe not so great?  Not sure? Scientists tell us that everything is energy and that everything is vibrating. Other people sometimes pick up our vibration – they feel the ‘vibes’ … Continued

To Be….or not to be!

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  When we set ourselves goals or decide on changes we want to make in our lives, we often start with what we want to HAVE and what we need to DO to get there.  The part we spend less … Continued

The Season of Receiving

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  Someone somewhere told us a big fat lie….that it’s better to give than to receive!  I doubt many children would agree with that and they would be right.  It is far better to receive but we seem to have … Continued


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It’s that time of year when you begin to notice the changes that are occurring all around you.  The air is getting crisper.  The leaves are beginning to transform from vibrant green into a multitude of magnificent colours – orange, … Continued

Asking For IT

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When discussing goals with clients, I often ask them what might get in their way or hinder them from achieving what they really want.  Lots of things come up but rarely do people admit to having difficulty in asking for … Continued

The Power of Pause

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Sometimes the greatest learning and growth takes place in those moments in which we choose to pause, instead of reacting in our normal habitual way. Viktor Frankl (in Man’s Search for Meaning) said that “between stimulus and response is our … Continued

Searching for Joy

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Today I asked a coaching client how she experienced joy in her life.  The question seemed to puzzle her.  Joy?  She hesitated before contemplating the question.  She struggled to come up with an answer. My intention in asking the question … Continued