Who Am I?     What Do I Want?      How Can I Get It?


The above 3 questions embody the concept of coaching.

Coaching is a unique relationship between the client and the coach whereby both parties work together, in partnership, to help the client identify and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Coaching ‘conversations’ always centre on the client’s agenda.  Coaching focuses on understanding where the client is now and where he/she wants to be in the future.  Through the coaching process, the client becomes more aware of their current choices, their personal values and any unhelpful beliefs that might be hindering them.  Using proven techniques and coaching skills, the coach aims to inspire, motivate and support the client to make the necessary changes to uncover their ‘hidden treasure’.

The role of the Coach is to be fully present for the client, listening at a deep level, being curious by asking powerful questions to help the client gain a greater awareness and understanding of themselves.  The Coach fully believes in the client’s ability to find their own solutions, knowing that the client is the expert in their own life.  With the best interests of the client in mind, the Coach will also challenge where appropriate and hold the client accountable to follow through on agreed actions.  The Coach does not need a detailed understanding of the client’s life or business in order to have a positive and professional working relationship.

There are many types of Coaching……Life/Personal, Business, Workplace, Executive, Career, Health & Fitness, Nutrition, Spiritual, Parent….to name but a few!  But fundamentally all coaching focuses on some kind of change that the client wants to make.  This change could be something the client:

  •  wants to have…eg a fulfilling career, a new house, a fit and healthy body, a meaningful relationship.

  •  wants to do eg run a marathon, set up a business, return to work after a long absence.

  • wants to be eg more confident, less angry, more assertive with their boss, excited about their life, an excellent manager.


Coaching is not counselling or psychotherapy which tend to be present-past focused….addressing issues from the past that are stopping you from moving forward now.

Coaching is not mentoring which is a relationship between whereby the mentor shares their experience with the mentee.

Coaching is not consulting whereby the consultant advises the client as to the best course of action.