Impact Statement

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“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”.        (Maya Angelou)


We sometimes forget that in every interaction we have we another person, we make some kind of impact.  Often we are too busy to consider what that impact was.  We don’t think in advance how we want another person to feel as a result of their contact with us.  What might happen if we became more mindful of our personal impact?

In the media, we regularly hear the ‘impact statement’ of victims of crime.  They describe in great detail the impact another person’s actions has had on them and their family.  These are the extreme examples.  But what about everyday impacts?   I wonder what it would be like to hear from some of the people we meet each day?  What might they say about our impact on them? How do we leave them feeling?

Perhaps we should create our own ‘impact statement’ for how we intend to impact on other people?  Would our interactions be different if we decide to create an ‘impact statement’ like the following:

My Impact Statement:

“Today I intend to leave all those I meet feeling good about themselves, feeling that they are important and that they matter to me in one way or another”.

So, regardless of who I meet today…whether it be the postman, the teacher, a client, the girl at the coffee shop, my children….whoever…….I will endeavour to be true to my impact statement!

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