Do you have a sense that something in your life needs to change but you’re not sure what?

Do you:
  • feel dissatisfied in some area of your life?
  • feel that there should be more to life than this?
  • feel that something is missing but you’re not sure what?
  • have a goal that you are struggling to reach?
  • wish you had more confidence to achieve what you know you are capable of?
  • have a sense that there’s more to you than you are showing the world?
  • wish that you could have a career that you could actually enjoy?
  • sense there is something lacking in your relationships?

We only have one life and as the saying goes….this is not a dress rehearsal! So why is it that often we ‘tolerate’ less, rather than strive for more?  Why do we stay in the safety of the comfort zone rather that explore the magic that might be beyond it?

What Needs To Change In Your Life?

Personal Coaching is for individuals who are going through some change in their life…either through choice or personal circumstances outside their control.  Coaching is also very beneficial for people who want something to be different, to be better, in some aspect of their life.  It’s about helping people get clarity around where they are now and more importantly, where they want to be in the future.

Key areas commonly worked on in coaching include the following:

  • Career / work (see Career Coaching section for more details).
  • Work/ Life Balance.
  • Relationships:
  • Personal Development:
  • Motivation: to achieve more; to do more; to ‘be’ more!
  • Goal Setting: desire to clarify goals and create action plans.
  • Values: discover what’s really important?
  • Belief System: what beliefs help or hinder my ability to be effective, to be successful, to be happy.
  • Life purpose / meaning:  am I fulfilled in my life?  Is there something missing?

Benefits of Coaching:

  • Clarity:                      Become crystal clear about what you want your life to look like, WHY, and discover what you need to do                                    to achieve it.
  • Focus:                      Become more focused on what’s really important for YOU!
  • Awareness:              Gain a fresh perspective on personal challenges, your belief systems, your values.
  • Decisions:                 Enhance your decision making skills.
  • Confidence:              Increase your confidence as a result of setting and achieving personal goals.
  • Motivation:                Feel more motivated and experience a greater sense of energy in your life.
  • Meaning:                   Experience a greater sense of meaning and purpose.
  • Performance:            Perform more effectively in all areas of your life.

How Coaching Sessions Work:

A coaching session lasts for 60 minutes.  Each individual is unique so there is no ‘set’ number of sessions recommended….it really depends on the client and what works best for them.

Next Step?

Take Action!  Please give me a call (086 8224342) if you would like to find out more about how coaching might benefit you.