Searching for Joy

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Today I asked a coaching client how she experienced joy in her life.  The question seemed to puzzle her.  Joy?  She hesitated before contemplating the question.  She struggled to come up with an answer.

My intention in asking the question wasn’t to confuse or make her feel inadequate.  I was asking from a place of curiosity.  I was interested to find out where the “bursts of colour” in her life came from.  I had a sense that despite all her achievements and progress on ambitious goals, there was something missing and the question I asked felt appropriate.

It’s not something that we regularly ask ourselves….”how much joy did I experience today?”.  We don’t tend to use the words ‘joy’, ‘joyful’ or ‘joyous’.  We might say we feel happy about x,y or z…but feelings of joy?  It feels like different territory, a deeper experience.  We don’t jump for happiness….we Jump for JOY!

Of course we all want to be happy but joy somehow connects us with a deeper sense of who we are.  If we can discover how, when and why we experience joy, perhaps we have a greater chance of having more of it in our lives.joy_of_life


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