The Power of Pause

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Sometimes the greatest learning and growth takes place in those moments in which we choose to pause, instead of reacting in our normal habitual way.

Viktor Frankl (in Man’s Search for Meaning) said that “between stimulus and response is our greatest power – the freedom to choose”.  But how often we miss this great opportunity, this great power, because we simply forget to pause?

How differently our relationships and experiences might be, if we remembered to slow down and take a moment to decide the best response?  Would we choose different words? Or maybe no words at all?  Perhaps we would act differently and as a result we might achieve a better, more congruent outcome.

In that blink of an eye moment…the space between stimulus and response….we have the power to be true to who we really are and take responsibility for all our actions.  Responsibility….the ability to respond!  The power is in the pause!



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