Stones in my shoes.

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I had just started out on my daily walk.  I had planned to walk for about an hour.  I was looking forward to escaping  the traffic and everyday events and simply soaking up the beauty and energy that is always to be found in my nearby parklands.  However, not long after starting out, I felt a sharp prod in my shoe.  I tried to ignore it and continued on my way, trying without success to focus on the spectacles of nature all around me.  By as I walked, the prodding got worse.  Suddenly I realised that  I was beginning to experience a similar feeling in my other shoe!.  Again, I was reluctant to interrupt my walk and address the offending articles.   Then all of a sudden, sense dawned on me and a question arose…”why was I putting up with something that was now causing me a lot of discomfort, that could easily be sorted and would result in a much more enjoyable walk”?  I just needed to take a few moments to stop, remove the small stones and then continue on in comfort.  Simple!  Yet it took me a long time to decide to take action.

The simple experience reminded me how easy it is for us to simply ‘put-up’ with issues and situations that niggle us, that cause us discomfort.  It could be people in our lives, situations at work, relationship issues we don’t want to confront.  They may not seem big enough or dramatic enough to make us pay sufficient attention initially. However,  we are aware at some level that they exist.  They continue to ‘prod’ us and ‘poke’ us, encouraging us to do something.  But unless we take the time to stop and make the necessary changes, we will continue on in discomfort.

What are you putting up with in your life?  What issues/people/situations are causing you discomfort?  What do you need to do?  What will your life be like once you address ‘the stones in your shoes’?

“Taking action is hard, but you know what? Enduring a bad situation can be it’s own hell”.  Whoopi Goldberg


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