Personal Development Training

Personal Development is a lifelong process.  While we tend to pay attention to our professional development ie keeping our knowledge and skills up-to-date and relevant, we sometimes neglect our personal development.

Taking charge of our personal development is the foundation of personal leadership.  Developing a strong sense of self-awareness, strengthening communication and interpersonal skills and setting personal and professional goals, all help us to grow and expand into the person we really want to be.

Training can be tailored to your specific need, from Lunch & Learn presentations to full day training sessions.  Popular topics include:

  • Emotional Intelligence       – Who are we and how do we impact on others?
  • Assertiveness                     – Standing up for yourself in a positive manner.
  • Personal Effectiveness      – Taking personal responsibility to achieve more in life.
  • Better Conversations         – Improve your conversations, improve your life!
  • Speak Up!                            – Confident speaking and presentations.



I create a variety of workshops for groups and teams.  These are designed to be thought-provoking, interactive and impactful.  They can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.


Developing a Coaching Mindset:

For managers, supervisors and newly appointed leaders.  What is a coaching mindset and how can it help you to maximise the potential of your team?  This workshop explores how a coaching approach can enhance relationships and empower individuals to expand into a better version of themselves.


ABC for the Workplace: A Better Conversation

ABC  – A Better Conversation!  We all believe we know how to have a good conversation.  Unfortunately, most conversations don’t quite hit the mark.  What about the conversations we avoid and don’t show up for?

Success and happiness depends on the quality of the relationships we have – in our families, our teams, our communities.  The quality of the relationships depends on the quality of the conversations.  Everything happens through conversation.

In this workshop, discover the neuroscience behind conversations and how changing our conversation has the potential to build trust, improve our performance and transform our relationships!


The Hero’s Journey for Leaders

Drawing on the ground-breaking work of mythologist Dr Joseph Campbell and his Hero’s Journey’ (based on the book ‘The Hero With A Thousand Faces’), this workshop offers an alternative perspective on managing and embracing change.  We can resist the challenges that life offers us or we can ‘answer the call to adventure’ and use times of changes and transition as opportunities for growth and personal transformation.