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It’s that time of year when you begin to notice the changes that are occurring all around you.  The air is getting crisper.  The leaves are beginning to transform from vibrant green into a multitude of magnificent colours – orange, red, brown and golden.  It’s a time of change…a time of transition.

If we stand back and take a look at our lives, I guess we are always in some form of transition.  Sometimes the changes we experience are minor.  At other times, the transitions we face seem monumental.  These transitions occur in all areas of our lives, professionally and personally.  They can be changes that are unexpected and come at us out of the blue such as redundancy, illness or a relationship breakdown.  Or they can be periods of our life when something inside us speaks, urging us to move forward to a new chapter.  It could be a longing for a career change, a return to work after a career break or perhaps a time to consider ‘what next’ now that the kids have flown the nest!  Regardless of the trigger, these transitions can feel like a crossroads with a mixture of emotions emerging.

Like the changing seasons, transitions are a wonderful opportunity to take stock of what’s happening in your life.  They are a time for renewal, growth and rediscovery.  ‘Who am I right now?’, ‘What’s happening for me in this time of change?’, ‘What do I want to happen?’, ‘What’s possible?’.

So embrace all the changes and transitions that life throws at you and view them as stepping stones onto the next chapter of the great adventure that is your life!


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