What’s True For You?

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The Jesuit priest and spiritual writer, Anthony de Mello, tells a great story. It is called The Golden Eagle.

A man finds an eagle’s egg and puts it under one of his hens. The egg hatches amongst the ordinary chickens. He clucked and cackled, flapped his wings like all the rest but never took flight. He spent his life on the farmyard, thinking and behaving like a chicken.
One day, many years later. he looked up to see a wonderful sight in the sky. He saw a magnificent bird soar above his head. Spellbound the eagle asked “What is that? I wish I could fly like that.” His companions laughed and said “Don’t be stupid. That is an eagle, the king of the birds. He belongs to the sky. We are chickens and belong to the earth”.
And so, the eagle lived and died believing he was a chicken.

What beliefs have you accepted to be true for you? Were you ever told in school that you couldn’t draw? Now you believe that you are not artistic….not creative. Were you told you were useless at maths because you found algebra difficult to fathom? Now you shy away from most things to do with numbers. Or were you told that rich people are greedy? And so you never really tried to be successful.

Most of our core beliefs are given to us when we are young. We internalise them and accept them to be true. As children we were incapable of challenging or questioning them. We just took them on board because “they” said so.

But what happens if we do challenge these beliefs, particularly the ones that limit us and hold us back?

Take a step back and explore how your beliefs might be holding you back from being who you truly are. What beliefs do you need to let go of in order to ‘fly’ and reach your true potential?

A belief is simply a thought. It can be changed at any time. Who, or what, would you be without those limiting beliefs? What’s really true for you?


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