Carers provide care and support at home for a loved one, e.g. a child/adult-child with additional needs; a spouse/relative battling an illness or elderly parents/relatives with increasing care needs.

It can be challenging to balance the role of Carer with all the other roles the individual has e.g. parent; spouse; employee; son/daughter etc. At times it can be lonely and isolating and the Carer can easily lose themselves in the responsibilities of their roles.

Personally, I have a number of very inspiring Carers in my circle of family and friends, that are doing an amazing job supporting their loved ones. I see the lengths they go to in order to fulfill their role. I sometimes see their struggles and frequently see their difficulty in asking for help.


Coaching is a supportive approach that gives Carers space to have their voice heard. Coaching conversations can help Carers focus on what’s important to them, help them gain clarity around their needs as well as those of the person they are caring for, and find a way forward that works for them.

Coaching is not counselling or therapy. However, Coaching can support Carers to manage their stress and focus on their own wellbeing, in the midst of the challenges, frustrations and chaos that can often accompany their role as carer.

Coaching can provide an opportunity to pause, to breath and to simply to reconnect with themselves, so they are re-energised and re-focused in their role as Carer.

If you are a Carer and are interested in finding out more about Coaching for Carers, please contact me

Given the demands of being a Carer, I am happy to discuss flexible options around times/fees that might work for you. (Please visit Pricing Policy for more info)

Coaching takes place in person (if possible); on-line (phone or Zoom) or a Walk & Talk session can be organised if appropriate.