Every day I walk myself into a state of well-being and walk away from every illness. I have walked myself into my best thoughts

– Soren Kierkegaard

Our lives have been transformed by Covid-19. Our homes have become our offices and place of work. This is likely to continue for some time into the future. There are many benefits to working from home, as we all juggle the challenges of achieving a healthy work-life balance.

However, the downside of working from home can be the lack of connection and conversation with colleagues. We are missing the camaraderie and support of having someone to bounce ideas off, to challenge our thinking and to encourage our creativity by working together to develop new ideas and solutions.

In response to this new working situation, I am now offering ‘Walk & Talk Coaching’ to provide an opportunity to get out of the ‘home office’, to stretch the legs and the mind and have a coaching conversation that can be of benefit to your personal and/or professional life.

There are many benefits to taking coaching conversations outdoors. Changing our environment can help change how we look at things. Being in nature creates a greater sense of freedom, allowing us to open our minds to new perspectives and new possibilities. Fresh air drives fresh thinking!

Slowing down and synching to the rhythm of the natural landscape can have a very positive impact on our overall sense of peace and wellbeing. It can decrease stress and increase creative thinking. Noticing what’s in front of us, as we walk along can enhance our conversations as we weave in new meanings and gain greater clarity around challenges and aspirations.

A coaching conversation outdoors offers a unique opportunity to engage with all our senses, as we partner to make sense of your current situation and what’s important to you.

Walk & Talk coaching conversations are available to support your personal and professional development and also your wellbeing, as we all move forward in this ‘new normality’,

I am very lucky to live and work in a beautiful part of Co Kildare, Ireland. Walk & Talk coaching conversations are available to anyone located within easy reach of Celbridge, Co Kildare. We have some lovely walks available on our doorstop such as Castletown Parklands, The Royal Canal, The Grand Canal, St. Catherine’s Park, Maynooth College.

You can book a ‘Walk & Talk’ coaching session privately or through your workplace, for yourself or perhaps a member of your team. It is best to contact me before booking so we can have a chat about how you would like the Walk & Talk coaching session to work for you.

The specific location and length of the session will be agreed in advance, to meet your requirements. The next step is to turn up on the day, prepared for whatever the weather and start walking and talking!


Castletown House, Celbridge