How does Coaching differ from Counselling and Therapy?

While coaching can facilitate change and transformation that can be therapeutic for an individual, Coaching is not therapy or counselling. Coaching is a process that is appropriate when major emotional and psychological wounds are already healed. Coaching is not appropriate or beneficial if you are psychologically stressed, mentally or emotionally challenged in a way that interferes with your everyday ability to function in the world. In this situation, counselling/therapy or other psychological interventions would be more appropriate.

In coaching, the focus is on the present, the here and now in terms of where you are in your life and your current challenges. Coaching helps you move forward by looking to the future, creating and realising a vision for the life you want to experience. While events/experiences from the past can arise in our coaching conversations, these will be explored in the context of how they impact the present and potentially the future. If any concerns arise during our coaching relationship with regard to the suitability of coaching at that time, we will discuss this openly and agree the best way forward.