Who can benefit from Coaching?

From its origins in the world of sport and later in the corporate environment, coaching is now expanding its impact into everyday life. It is encouraging to see how coaching is now recognised as a powerful agent for change amongst leaders; professionals; parents; retirees, students, prisoners, carers and many others. There are a huge variety of coaching approaches that focuses on different areas of body, mind and spirit.

It is my belief that everyone can benefit from coaching at some point in their life. Life is an exciting journey, full of twists and turns. Sometimes they are easy to navigate. At other times, it can help to have someone walk the road with us. Having said that, no-one needs a coach. But when it comes to navigating change, a saying that has always stayed with me is ‘YOU alone have to do it, but you don’t have to do it alone’!

Coaching is for anyone who wants to move forward, get unstuck from old patterns of thinking/behaving and be the creator of their own life experience. Sometimes this means shifting into new ways of thinking and behaving in our external world. Those who are ready and willing to make these changes, during times of change and transition, will benefit from coaching.

At other times, a deeper dive inward is required and a ‘shift in being’ is the call to adventure. The ‘Way of Transformation’ is not always easy. It can be full of unknowns and territory we haven’t explored before. It can take us into the light and shadows of ourselves. This journey of transformation demands self-honesty, vulnerability and the courage to ‘be’ who we choose to be.

(note: Coaching is a highly effective agent for lasting change and transformative growth. It is not the only approach and sometimes other supports are more appropriate for an individual. See below for the distinction between coaching and therapy).